Exploring New York @ May 2013

Brooklyn / Will.i.amsburg

Just forget it.

Wait, wait, there is something to say, in case you are a sensitive soul, do not read this.
Brooklyn's Williamsburg is achieving an altitude of cultural hegemony within the Non-Manhattan-scene-propaganda which a good reason to get afraid or angry.
A chain reaction was following those reports in mass media between 2005 and 2010, that had reported on  Williamsburg as a interesting place beyond Manhattan's long term cultural ruling times. Yes, indeed, Williamsburg has been interesting. Many people went there. many people experienced nice streets with some bars, clubs, bakeries, boutiques and hotels. The chain reaction mentioned above came after a the huge body of copy-and-paste-journalism and it was produced by the Williamsburg folks. Travelling there often for many years, I have to state that this fame is not in a reciprocal relation to the real "realities" on Williamsburg. Either in the media conveyed reality or in the real world on "streets" the first and foremost phenomenon which one is encountering is a bunch of  overbearance, cockiness and hubris personified in young, explicitly bearded men with very slim trousers and a non-achievable niveau of sophistication.
The real and measurable outcome of cultural values, economic dynamics,  scientific knowledge or even, because often proclaimed, of their "creativity" is merely low.
Williamsburg is, evidently and obviously, a low intensity area in regard to  cultural values, economic dynamics, scientific knowledge and creativity.
It is, clearly, a high noisy ara: noise in the sense of physical noise (Rauschen) and in the sense of being just too loud. Implicitly echoing to it self.

 Ok, just forget it.